About Us

Michael E. Bruce graduated from Brown University with a degree in Economics and minors in Mathematics and Engineering.  He has done graduate work in Accounting and Computer Science.  After a tour as an Infantry Platoon Leader and Special Forces Officer in Vietnam, Mr. Bruce started as a Stock Broker, but went to work for his favorite stock at the start of the CAD/CAM industry (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing).  He spent many years in that industry until it evolved into PC application software.  He performed many roles there including technical, service, sales and management.

Along the way Mr. Bruce participated in a number of ventures in a financial management role.  He owned and managed seven rental properties both locally and in Maine.    As the oldest child, he managed his Mother’s finances after the death of his father.  In that role he learned the needs and pitfalls of  Estate Planning.   Building on that expertise, he then set up and managed a dozen trust accounts for his extended family.  He also managed the finances of a yacht regatta and several yacht campaigns.

His biggest strength in financial management is that of organizing large masses of disparate financial data and presenting it in concise logical form to the client.  Quicken is the normal software used.

Mr. Bruce is a member of Old North Church and the Marblehead Yacht Club.  He has lived in Marblehead for over thirty years and has two teenage children.

He is a member of The American Association of Daily Money Managers:


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