Welcome to Daily Financial Management

...and Peace of Mind

Daily Financial Management (DFM) provides personal business assistance to clients who have difficulty managing their personal monetary affairs. 

The services meet a continuum of needs,
  • from organizing and keeping track of financial and medical insurance papers,
  • to assisting with bill paying and
  • maintaining bank accounts,

There are many factors which contribute to the need for DFM.

We work with senior citizens,  people whose careers make it difficult for them to find time for paperwork and people whose medical issues simply make it difficult to keep up with their finances.  We also work with those who just don't like to do it!

DFM does not take the place of professionals in the accounting, investment or social service fields; rather, our work complements the work of other professionals by facilitating the completion of the day to day tasks.


"It is one thing to balance your checkbook, it is far better, for the first time, to know where your money is spent.  What an emotional relief!"

                                                                                          DFM Client

"I have learned from you that I can't plan for the future money wise, unless I know where I am right now."

                                                                                           DFM Client